Villa Exotica (300m²) consists of a ground floor, the first and second floor, with 4 bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. The ground floor and first floor represent one space connected by inner stairs, while two separate rooms are situated on the second floor.

Everything is surrounded by a landscaped garden of 1,500 m2, full of Mediterranean plants and flowers, autochthonous cultures, olives, figs, and various fruits that summerly ripen.

In the first space (ground floor and first floor), you will find a kitchen, a dining room, a living room (each floor has a separate one), two bedrooms, two toilets and a bathroom, a terrace and balcony with the view of the bay…
The whole space is very spacious with plenty of daylight.
In the second space (second floor), there are two separate rooms (40m²). Each room has a bathroom. Only one of these two rooms has direct access to the balcony.
We also like to emphasize that the villa has a berth/mooring for a boat at your disposal :)
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